About Us

Never get cold feet!

Socks Kick is a retail and wholesaler company in East Jordan, Michigan. We sell and distribute socks. I’m Baris. I manage the company and my wife Cigdem takes care of marketing and sales.

I first came to East Jordan as a Rotary exchange student in 2005. After spending a year, I realized that Michigan is full of warm-hearted people who live in really cold weather conditions. A year ago I came here to visit my host parents whom I kept close contact with over the years. They attended my wedding in Istanbul and even came to my son’s birth to visit. Whenever I came to East Jordan I would bring socks as gifts. Everyone loved them and would asked how they could get more. It was then I had the idea of selling very warm socks suitable for the freezing weather in Northern Michigan.

We started the Socks Kick in 2017. My wife and I first formed the start-up and a few months later we established a 7,000-sq/ft. warehouse right in the heart of East Jordan.

My father in law has his socks manufacturing company in Istanbul with an experience for more than 35 years. My wife and I handled production and marketing there. We do a full cycle of production; starting from knitting, finishing, packaging, inspecting, marketing and exporting throughout European countries such as Germany, Denmark, U.K., France and Austria.

Craftsmanship is about the process, not the end result. The way we produce our socks or the way we sell them, it’s really about the whole experience that goes into it. We are not about making something just to get it done. We want each pairs of socks to sell the next pair. Our socks are knitted on authentic vintage machines using only the finest quality yarns and made for a superior fit and finish. They provide a refined feel that is immediately noticeable to the touch.

In our factory in Istanbul, we do not just make great socks; we also treat our employees well. Our factory has Oeko-Tex certification, which is an independent testing, and certification system for textile products from all stages of production (fibers, yarns, including accessories) along the textile supply chain. The socks we make are tested for harmful substances and we make sure to follow environmentally friendly production.

Our goal is to expand statewide and nationally. Our next step will be to move some of the production from Turkey to here so that we can have MADE IN U.S.A. products. With production in the USA we will be able to create more jobs locally. 

Contact Us

Reach us via email any time at hello@sockskick.com, or call us from (231) 222-4221 Mon - Fri 9 AM - 5 PM.