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What Socks to Wear With Vans

The basic but timeless styles of Vans sneakers have made them the must-have footwear for decades. Vans sneakers have since exceeded their particular market and are now among the most beloved sneakers brands of footwear in the world. They were originally touted as the perfect skate shoes. Nowadays, they are not just a must-have for men, but also a must-have for women.

The adaptability of Vans has earned them the reputation as the go-to shoe for those who want to sport a distinctively retro style. These shoes look great with just about everything and can be styled in a variety of ways. Because of this, Vans have a wide variety of styles to choose from, making this even more appealing.

Checkered Vans Classic Crew Socks

Choose the Vans Classic Crew Checkerboard socks for a brand vibe, which are named for its stripes' distinctive checkered emblem. For all those outside activities, they are composed of high-quality cotton and are very breathable. Your choice of color style will also allow you to match your Vans footwear.

No Show Socks

They fall just above the knees. They provide good protection for the limbs against friction. They keep your feet dry when worn with your Vans since they absorb perspiration. Unlike many other stockings, they might be a tad thinner but more tightly woven at the top to provide optimum compression of your skin.

Shoes with Vans Striped Socks

This is a signature Vans appearance, and you'll see it all the time. Socks that complement the color of the Vans sneakers, but in a different shade. This is a great opportunity to try something new, since some individuals choose to pair shorts with long, striped socks.

But the lower shade is one of the most popular since it's not too glaring, but you can tell there was some attention put into it, and you get a more realistic vintage style appearance out of it. It's a bonus if the color of the stripes matches the color of the Vans footwear.

Vans Socks with a Wild Twist

If you're a fan of the Vans skater subculture, consider getting some of the rule-breaker socks and other options that are a little out there in terms of design and culture. Funky socks, whether they're doughnuts or metalhead skulls, are the ideal complement to Vans since the rule is that there are no rules in the first place.

As contrast to a pair of Prada shoes, which need you to wear a certain pair of socks, with Vans, you may wear whatever socks you like, and it will most likely work out well.

person wearing vans shoes with striped socks

High Raised Socks

Another current trend is to wear high socks with high-waisted pants or even simply shorts to show off the high sock in your footwear. They may also be dressed up with a simple pair of Vans. It's not a look I see myself donning frequently, but for those that can pull it off, it can look great.

And with that, we hope this post has helped you gain some insight into the many sock options that work well with Vans' instantly recognizable style, allowing you to open up whole new looks!


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