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Sock Size vs Shoe Size

When it comes to socks, we've accumulated quite a bit of knowledge over the last the years, and it can get rather complicated! Various companies use different sizes, and sock sizes range from shoe sizes, further complicating matters.


Men and women's socks may be confusing with numbers like 9-11 or 10-13. These measurements demonstrate the length of your foot rather than your shoe size. This is a typical sock sizing error. The following formula may be used to convert sock sizes into shoe sizes:

Women's socks come in sizes 9-11 on the packaging. In the United States, this is a ladies's shoe size 5-10. Size 10-13 is a popular sock size for men. In the US, this is a size 8-12.5 men's shoe.

It is our goal to make selecting a size as easy as possible at Socks Kick. Each sock's product page includes this information, as well as the suggested shoe size. As long as you know what size shoes you wear, you're all set.





5– 6

4 – 6.5


7 – 8.5

7– 9


9 -12

10 – 12



13 +


What're the Best Size Socks for Me?

What is the size of your feet? Using this method is the simplest approach to determine your sock size. Please refer to the table above to gauge what your proper size is.

Shoes vs. Socks for Children

There are several major categories of kid's shoe and sock sizes to consider:

Pediatricians advise against putting shoes on newborns until they can walk, fearing that they would stunt the development of their feet. Sizes for babies' shoes are divided by months, such as newborn, 8 weeks to 5 months, and so on. A wide variety of lengths are available, from 3 1/8" up to 4 5/8" in length.

Socks for Boys and Girls: Children's socks are separated according to gender. Once your kid reaches a particular age, transitioning from kid's size footwear might be a struggle. When it comes to kid's shoes, the smallest size is 10.5 and the largest is 13.5, then it goes back down to 1. Once again, the biggest shoe size for larger kids is 13.

It is necessary to move your big kid to Junior shoe sizes with their unique peculiarities when they exceed a size 13. United States youth shoe sizes range from 7 to 12 in unisex unisex sizes 1Y-6Y.

Knowing Your Shoe Size

A shoe size versus a sock size chart should have answered the question, "what sock size do I wear?" It's important to keep in mind that sock sizes might vary based on the density of your stocking, the snugness of your shoes and how much insulation you need.

When it comes to finding the right shoe for you, you may either do a self-measurement or visit a shoe shop. If you're ready to invest in a new pair of socks, you'll be able to select from a wide variety of styles and colors.