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How to Fold Socks

Socks are the most likely items to be neglected while folding clothes, mostly because it's so simple to toss them in the drawer or bundle up two pairs of socks that don't match. Some people may argue that folding your socks is a waste of time since no one is going to see them anyhow. Wrong! The right pair of socks can make or break an ensemble, whether it's a first date, a job interview, or any other formal event.


All of us have been there. When you open your drawer to get a pair of socks, it looks like a cyclone just passed through. A drawer may be pushed back in, forgotten, and revisited later when the moment is right. You might also take the time to arrange yourself. "How do you fold socks?" may come to mind as a result of this.


You may save time by folding your socks in a manner that eliminates the need to hunt for matching pairs. As a result, you'll have extra room in your drawer to stock up on funky socks. Whatever your current sock-folding method is, it's never a bad idea to brush up on your skills and expand your repertoire of possibilities.


Step-by-step instructions on how to fold long socks


The square technique is a common way to fold lengthy socks. Due to its complexity, folding using this approach may take some time to adapt to, yet it is a very successful way. Here's one way to fold extra-long sock tails:


  1. On a level table, spread out your socks.
  2. To make a 'x' or a cross with the socks, take one of them and lay it on top of the other.
  3. Tuck the bottom sock's toe over the top sock's and beneath the top sock's foot.
  4. Socks should be folded over one another.
  5. After that, tuck the upper sock's toe over the bottom ones.
  6. Fold the top over the socks, starting at the top.
  7. Do not forget to tuck in any loose ends.


Because the surface of the square is flat, the square technique enables you to stack your socks on top of each other, so maximizing the amount of room in your drawer. When it comes to folding lengthy socks, the military method works well since it takes up less room. Because smaller socks, such as ankle socks or no-show socks, are more likely to break apart, this technique does not work as well on them.


  1. Place the socks, one on top of the other, on a level surface and stack them up together.
  2. Remove any creases from the socks.
  3. As you begin to roll your socks, begin at the toes and work your way up.
  4. The outer sock should be held in your hand after you've reached the finish.
  5. With your other hand, carefully wrap the outer sock's outside edge around the inside socks.


The Guide to Folding Short Socks, Step-by-Step


Short socks may still be folded in a variety of ways, even if they're just a few inches long. Short socks may be folded in a variety of ways, as seen here:


Using the first method, you stack two socks and fold them in half. Wrap the outer sock around the remaining socks.


Begin at the top of your socks stack, by making a ball from the toe end.Then roll the ball from the toe up toward the heel. Take the outer sock and wrap it around the roll of socks after you've rolled it to the cuff.


The third approach involves placing one sock on top of the other, folding both socks in half, and then folding them in half once again.  Socks should be tied together by sliding the outer sock over the inner sock and securing it into place. Socks may be stacked more easily in this manner since they are more flat.


Try not to pull the outermost part around the socks if you want to master folding socks without stretching them.